About the Paris Musées API

With the API, third-party users can recover data from the Paris Musées collections in the form of JSON-format files (this format enables structuring data). The project has two goals, since it aims to open part of the institution's data while allowing it to be used for other types of digital devices. This makes a dialog between various players from the digital world and the collections much easier.


Since January 1, 2013, the Paris Musées public entity has ensured management of the network of 14 municipal museums housing the municipal collections. The priorities set by the City for this new public entity are:

Promoting the municipal collections through a broad variety of projects and events;

Programming of exhibitions and creation of publications with outstanding content;

Developing and enlarging audiences.

The museums of the City of Paris currently welcome nearly three million visitors. The goal is to consolidate this dynamic and contribute to an even greater democratization of cultural access.


The Paris Musées site: http://parismusees.paris.fr/en



In addition to the physical displays of works that are updated through new museographical presentations, Paris Musées wants to present enriched online contents. Site visitors will thus have access to the incomparable wealth of over 280,000 descriptions of works, bibliographic resources and archives, ranging from archeology to contemporary art. The platform, which provides access to the masterpieces shown in museum rooms, as well as to works that are rarely shown because of their fragility (drawings, photos, prints and textiles), will continue to be enriched with a project focusing on the publication of 100,000 descriptions per year and two other phases of technical and functional evolution that will result in greater interactivity.


The collection portal: http://parismuseescollections.paris.fr/en


Creating an account

Using the API requires creating an account on the http://apicollections.parismusees.paris.fr/ site to obtain an authentication token required for queries.


Once you have created your account, you can generate tokens for your applications.


To create an account:


Hover over the “Connect” button and click on the “Create a New Account” button.

Fill in the information for your account and enter by clicking on the “Create a New Account” button.

An email will be sent to the address entered for your account.

Click on the link in the email to connect to your account, and fill in the additional information (password, last name, first name).



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